Have you seen us in the news this week?

We are loud and proud about abortion because we know it’s an essential healthcare that makes people’s lives better. It also gives supporters like you the tools to bring these conversations to your families, friends, and communities.

Staying silent about your support for abortion is no longer an option. It’s this silence that is allowing abortion stigma to thrive and politicians to pass inhumane bans across the country. The U.S. Supreme Court is using this same stigma to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Since the leaked draft decision hit the airwaves, we’ve been overwhelmed with requests from reporters. We continue to rise to the challenge because we are deeply committed to lifting the voices of those impacted by abortion bans, shining a spotlight on the humanity of abortion providers, and shifting the stigma around abortion in this country. Most importantly, we want to spread the word that abortion is still legal and our clinics are open.

On Tuesday alone, our team participated in 20 one-on-one interviews with the press, and the requests continue to grow!

We invited the New York Times to WWH of McAllen to see the unique challenges they face as the only clinic in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley.

We uplifted our voices on Univision to be reach Spanish speakers in their native language.

We spoke to The 19th about the challenges Texans have faced under SB 8 and how that will ripple across the country if we lose Roe.

We were on-air with MSNBC to reassure patients and discuss how we’re preparing for a post-Roe America.

We interviewed with local news outlets in the communities we serve.

Your voice is needed, too! Join us in speaking out about abortion rights and access. Here are some suggestions for how you can talk about abortion.

We also need your financial support now more than ever. We are doing everything in our power to keep our doors open, support patients who can’t afford the cost of care, and fight back against these laws. Please send an emergency gift now!