Talking Abortion with Busy Philipps

Abortion is a normal, common experience – 1 in 4 people with uteruses will have one in the their lifetime. But anti-abortion lawmakers don’t want you to know that, so they use abortion stigmas and shame to exert power and control over your rights. These lawmakers want us to believe that only certain people need an abortion. The fact is that abortion care touches all demographic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Abortion is an act of love and kindness, and we all know and love someone who has had or will have one.

Never has this been more dire than this moment in history when the U.S. Supreme Court is poised to overturn our constitutional right to abortion care.

This is why we need your financial support.

Tune in to this short conversation (on YouTube or Instagram) with actress and activist Busy Philipps and our CEO Amy Hagstrom Miller to learn more about the dangers of abortion stigmas and bans.

Are you angry? Appalled? Anxious? Now is the time to take action. Join Busy in the fight to protect abortion rights and stand with Whole Woman’s Health Alliance.