How You Can Help

To help WWH/A patients directly, you can donate to the Stigma Relief Fund or the Abortion Wayfinder Program. 

Please do not contact our clinics directly. Our clinic staff are busy serving patients and navigating logistics to serve patients from other states.


      • Volunteer as an All Options intern or Talkline advocate


      Midwest (Assists and fund patients in both IN and MN) 


            • Volunteer as an abortion doula or transportation assistant with the Spiral Collective




                  • Contact your elected officials (city council, state legislators, federal legislators, etc.) and ask them to oppose proposed bans/support legislation protecting or expanding abortion rights. You can find a sample letter writing toolkit from the ACLU of Indiana here.  

                  • Campaign and vote for candidates who fight for (not just give lip service to) abortion-rights. 

                  • Say ABORTION. Say it without shame or fear. Normalize abortion for the simple, safe health intervention that it is. 1 in 4 women will have an abortion in their lifetime. Abortion is health care. People who have abortions and people who have children are the same people, just at different points in their lives.  

                  • Talk with your friends, family, and neighbors.  

                  • Post your concerns and support on social media. 

                  • Write a letter to the editor. 

                  • Attend protests and rallies.  

                  • Speak at your church, club, or civic group. 

                Do’s & Don’ts

                Please DO NOT contact the clinic directly. Clinic staff are busy serving our patients.


                    • DO check out our website to see where we serve patients

                    • DO watch this  short video about how you can help Whole Woman’s Health (WWH), Whole Woman’s Health Alliance (WWHA) and other independent clinics in your area.

                    • DO vote for Pro-Choice candidates & urge your friends & family to vote for Pro-Choice candidates, too!

                    • DO be patient about getting replies to your emails to any of the groups you may like to volunteer with. They are all probably experiencing a huge increase in requests, and most have very small volunteer only staff.