We’re going to the Supreme Court to BLOCK SB 8

A note from Amy Hagstrom Miller, President & CEO of Whole Woman’s Health Alliance

Today, we called on the Supreme Court for emergency intervention to block Texas’ extreme abortion ban taking effect on September 1st. Today’s filing comes after the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals paused all court proceedings in the case and denied the request on Sunday to block this heartless and dangerous ban.

SB 8 is the most extreme abortion restriction this country has ever seen. It bans abortions at 6 weeks, before many people even know they’re pregnant. It deputizes private citizens to enforce the law and potentially receive a $10,000 reward. Unless this is stopped, tens of thousands of Texans will be forced to drive hundreds of miles or continue a pregnancy against their will. This will also plunge disadvantaged families even further into poverty. 

We’re doing everything we can to stop this abortion restriction. You can help us. 

Texans, like everyone else in this country, should be able to count on safe abortion care in their own state. Whole Woman’s Health clinics will provide the full scope of abortion care services up to the minute this law takes effect. Whole Woman’s Health Alliance is urging the Supreme Court to protect patients’ health and allow clinics to continue providing the essential healthcare Texans deserve. 

Anti-abortion groups in Texas have already set up online forms encouraging people to turn on their neighbors – trusted medical professionals, clinics, and community members. This type of behavior does not represent the kindness, decency, and shared values of the majority of Texans and Americans. That’s why we’re fighting back! 

The Supreme Court is our final hope to ensure that Texans will continue to receive the abortion care they’ve come to count on in all 4 Texas clinics managed by Whole Woman’s Health. We’ve beaten radical attacks on abortion care in the Supreme Court before. We’re calling on the Justices to do what’s right and BLOCK SB 8. 

Donate now to fund our fight against SB 8! We need you to raise your voice to defend abortion before this law takes effect in Texas and shows up in other states.

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