It’s time to UnRestrict Minnesota!

Karmann Peters (she/her) – Minnesota Advocacy Coordinator for WWHA

I’ve been a reproductive rights advocate in Minnesota for over a decade, so when the UnRestrict Minnesota coalition launched 2 ½ years ago, I was more than eager to get involved. I was blown away by the tenacity and talent that was brought to the table by each organization and member – and I continue to be every day. UnRestrict Minnesota is the largest cross-sector, community-supported coalition in Minnesota’s history working together to advance abortion access in the state. We are advocates, doulas, laborers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, harm reduction specialists, podcasters, activists, and more—coming together collectively to fight for reproductive freedom.

The most exciting aspect of working with UnRestrict Minnesota is the Reproductive Justice framework(*) that is incorporated into the goals and strategies of the coalition. This means that our work is not siloed into “abortion rights” or “social justice,” rather it encourages us to work collectively on many intersections(**) at one time. This work looks and feels a lot different than the ‘Reproductive Rights Movement’ of past decades—there is a freedom to engage in new ways and for new strategies to emerge.(***) UnRestrict Minnesota feels like something new because it is something new. It is changing the way we talk about abortion care, bodily autonomy, and reproductive freedom. It is empowering others, including legislators in Minnesota, to think differently about what these things mean to all of us.

This August, WWHA is partnering with UnRestrict Minnesota on a collaborative fundraising campaign, and this is your chance to help strengthen the movement. By donating today, your gift will support 18 coalition partners, including WWHA, who are fighting for reproductive health and rights in the state. So, if you give $18, each organization will receive $1 to support their work.

Want to get even more involved? Here are ways to become part of the movement. Thank you for protecting our coalition’s important work! 

(*)Credit to Loretta Ross and the Black women who coined the term and created the framework for Reproductive Justice in 1994 

(**)Credit to Kimberle Crenshaw who coined the term Intersectionality in 1989. 

(***)Credit to adrienne maree brown who wrote the fundamental book ‘Emergent Strategy’ in 2017—which continues to challenge us to envision a future that has never existed before!