“We are still here – for the patients’ sake.”

Meet Telisa. She is a Patient Advocate at Whole Woman’s Health of Austin, our nonprofit independent abortion clinic in Texas.

In 2010, Telisa had an abortion. Having spent her career working to support people affected by domestic violence and sexual assault, her eyes were now open to a new calling. She applied to Whole Woman’s Health of Austin and was offered a position two days later. She immediately fell in love with abortion care and the Whole Woman’s Health way. “All of the staff are compassionate and genuinely care about their patients. So many patients tell me that they didn’t know what to expect and we made them feel comfortable.”

Fast forward to 2021. A multitude of medically unnecessary restrictions are enforced law in Texas, including Senate Bill 8, the cruel and radical ban on abortions that is enforced by private citizens. The law has been in effect for 118 days and it’s having a significant, damaging effect on Texans. As Telisa shares, protestors are spreading misinformation, telling everyone who enters the clinic that abortion is illegal and they can be sued. Staff are fearful both for their job security and potentially being sued. Patients are downright grief-stricken and confused.

But Telisa isn’t going anywhere. “We are still here – for the patients’ sake. I want to hear their voices, listen to their concerns, and be an advocate for them. Many of them don’t have someone they can talk to, but I’m here.”

She also knows that the Whole Woman’s Health staff and leadership have her back. They continue to fight and find innovative ways to provide care and keep the doors open. “We can fight this bill and we are going to overturn it,” shares Telisa. “I want to be a part of that. I want to be in this as long as I can be.”

Without clinic staff like Telisa, compassionate abortion care ceases to exist in Texas. She has the patients’ backs – let her know that you have hers.

It’s going to take all of us to stand up against the mounting attacks to abortion rights. Give a tax-deductible gift to WWHA this holiday to support our clinic staff and patients.