SB 8 Has Been BLOCKED – For Now!

Standing on the right side of history, a federal judge has blocked the enforcement of Texas’ near-total abortion ban, Senate Bill 8 (SB 8), calling it what it is: an “offensive deprivation of such an important right.” There is a long road ahead, but this is a MAJOR win for abortion access in Texas.

This is the justice we have been seeking for weeks against this cruel and extreme law that has forced clinic staff to turn away hundreds of patients since it took effect on September 1st. We are grateful that the court has finally stepped in to curb some of the harm Texans have faced over the past 36 days, but we know this is not the end of our battle against SB 8.

Out of compassion for patients, we’ve made the decision to resume care beyond six weeks in accordance with this ruling, but we don’t have a lot of time.

Quickly after Judge Pitman’s decision, the state announced they will appeal this victory that has restored hope to Texans who seek quality abortion care from clinics like ours. We are expecting a legal back and forth that will end up back at the Supreme Court.

We want you to know that we are NOT giving up! We are going to do everything we can to block this abortion ban, and others like it, FOR GOOD and make sure they don’t show up anywhere else. But we can’t do it without your help.

From the second SB 8 took effect, people were robbed of their decision to build a future that is best for them. Texans, like everyone else in this country, deserve access to safe abortion care in the communities they live in. No one should be forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term or make an expensive trip out of state to receive the care they want.

To see the harsh reality patients have faced while seeking abortion care the past 5 weeks, watch this PBS NewsHour report that highlights Whole Woman’s Health of Austin.

Stand with us and raise your voice. Together we can protect abortion rights and allow clinics to continue to provide the essential healthcare that Texans deserve.