NEW Rally Reflections & Must-Read Op-Eds

This past Saturday, pro-abortion activists across the United States came out in droves to participate in over 660 Rallies for Abortion Justice in all 50 states.

Sparked by Texas’s Senate Bill 8, which has been in effect for 34 days, tens of thousands of Americans and Texans made their voices heard to keep #BansOffOurBodies. WWHA staff marched at rallies in places where we call home, and took the podium to share our important work in Waco, TX and Richmond, VA. Local and national media and legislators were forced to take notice of this dire moment for abortion rights.

While WWHA works to take down this cruel and unconstitutional law in the courts, everyday citizens took a stand in the most awe-inspiring showing of support. To everyone who rallied loud and proud for abortion justice, you have filled our cups with immense inspiration and grit to continue our fight so we can resume providing the full scope of abortion care services at all four clinics managed by Whole Woman’s Health in Texas.

To see the harsh reality of abortion care in Texas right now, watch this VICE News exposé from Whole Woman’s Health of Fort Worth.

The Supreme Court kicked off its next term today, where justices will hear a case that directly challenges Roe v. Wade. We’re going to need your help to keep up the fight! Please consider making a gift to fuel our legal efforts and sustain our clinics.

WWHA also continues to provide bold thought leadership during this time to shift abortion stigma and make abortion care accessible to all. Last week, our President & CEO Amy Hagstrom Miller contributed an op-ed to the LA Times and one of WWH’s Texas doctors wrote an eye-opening piece for the British Medical Journal (BMJ). Read their perspectives below.

LA Times Op-Ed