We are going after TX Lawmakers in a BIG way

It’s time to raise hell in Texas. Extremist politicians in the Texas legislature have succeeded, and on September 1st, abortion could be effectively banned in the state. Today, Whole Woman’s […]

Virginia is for Reproductive Freedom – Reflecting on 2020

2020 has thrown seemingly non-stop blows. We’ve given witness to countless incidents of police brutality and total disregard for Black and Brown people’s lives. There have been more than 18 million cases and over 321 thousand deaths related to COVID-19 in the […]

Attorneys with the Center for Reproductive Rights, Marc Hearron and Molly Duane, stand outside the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday with our President and CEO, Amy Hagstrom Miller.

Virginia could be next.

This past Monday, we were at the U.S. Supreme Court as they heard oral arguments for Whole Woman’s Health v. Jackson, our major lawsuit challenging Texas’ near-total abortion ban. The next day, Virginia became a target […]

This Texas Doctor is Here for the Long Haul

Dr. T* is a native Texan and an abortion provider at Whole Woman’s Health of Austin. She fell in love with OB-GYN and knew it was “a critical deficit to not have abortion training.” She […]


Early last year, we heard that an anti-choice organization bought out the lease for our flagship Whole Woman’s Health of Austin clinic site, a move that was just the latest […]

supreme court abortion protest

The Supreme Court Could Place an Impossible Burden on Women Fighting for Abortion Rights

Reproductive Rights A procedural change would force individuals to take on costly and difficult legal battles. In a Mother Jones article, a discussion of what the battle might look like […]

The Message is Clear for Texans Seeking Abortions: Their Rights Are at Risk

From Amy Hagstrom Miller, President & CEO of Whole Woman’s Health Alliance Texas lawmakers passed Senate Bill 8 (SB 8) in May 2021. It is one of the most extreme […]

The Little Clinic That Could-Reflecting on 2020

The establishment and continued operation of Whole Woman’s Health of South Bend has been the perfect example of a clinic/community partnership. Since the first thought of Whole Woman’s Health Alliance […]

The Irish Have Plenty Of Reasons to Celebrate Today

This St Patrick’s Day, Irish women have something extra to celebrate. For the first time since 1861, abortion is legal in the Republic of Ireland. Few expected to see this […]