Facing An Abortion Ban? Here’s How We’re Stepping Up

Your trusted independent abortion providers, Whole Woman’s Health and Whole Woman’s Health Alliance, are here to remind you that our clinics are open and we’re doing everything we can to help people get the abortion care they deserve – even if that means helping them travel out-of-state for it.

The Abortion Wayfinder Program is protecting and preserving high-quality, safe abortion care for people who are ineligible for an abortion because of cruel abortion bans and restrictions in their home state. The program is being piloted in Texas, which has been contending with Senate Bill 8 for 9 months now, with plans for expansion as other conservative states cut off access to safe abortion care. Since its launch in March, we’ve successfully helped over 100 Texans get an abortion in clinics managed by Whole Woman’s Health in haven states.

From coordinating flights to booking their appointment and hotel reservation to picking up patients at the airport, this program is a monumental effort – and we cannot do it alone. We work closely with abortion funds and practical support networks to secure the funding and resources patients need to keep costs low or non-existent.

Our Associate Director of Clinical Services spoke to CNN about how the program works.

Let us be clear: NO ONE should have to travel for abortion care, but this is the reality people are increasingly finding themselves in throughout the South and Midwest. Travelling hundreds to thousands of miles for abortion care is a tragedy and will create lasting trauma for abortion seekers and families. Despite this heartbreak, we are committed to helping patients as states and the U.S. Supreme Court aggressively block access to safe, compassionate care in half of the U.S.

Donate now to help Texans get out-of-state for abortion care and expand our program to help other states as more bans become law!