WWHA’s 2021 Year in Review

If ever there were a test of Whole Woman’s Health Alliance’s (WWHA) resilience, 2021 was it. In the face of an unprecedented global pandemic and the most hostile attacks on abortion rights since the passing of Roe v. Wade, we stayed true to our values, used every bit of grit and ingenuity we had, and won hearts and headlines. WWHA was a force for accountability and change like never before.

Our Annual Report reveals how WWHA’s mission came to life in 2021 and the people who stood by our side. You’ll see:

  • Our Fights for Abortion Rights that Took Centerstage
  • Inside Our Abortion Clinics
  • Advocacy with Our Allies
  • Shaping the Discussion Around Stigma
  • Making Headlines
  • Donors Making Our Work Possible
  • …and much more!

All of this was made possible because of supporters like you. Help us keep the momentum going in 2022.

Read our annual report here.