We are going after TX Lawmakers in a BIG way

It’s time to raise hell in Texas.

Extremist politicians in the Texas legislature have succeeded, and on September 1st, abortion could be effectively banned in the state. Today, Whole Woman’s Health Alliance — leading the charge of abortion providers, allies, and supporters in the state — is striking back and suing to block the law before it goes into effect.

Will you chip in RIGHT NOW and help us fight this despicable abortion ban all the way?

Senate Bill 8 bans abortion at six weeks of pregnancy, before the majority of people even know they’re pregnant. Approximately 85-90% of abortions in Texas take place after six weeks. Even worse, this law allows literally any private citizen (including non-Texans) to sue anyone who helps someone get an abortion — and be eligible for a monetary reward of at least $10,000!

This law is so outrageous that a protestor could sue a doctor for providing abortion services. A coworker could sue a parent for driving their daughter to an abortion clinic. Or a relative could receive financial reward after an act of incest.

We don’t believe in punishing people when they care for their patients or give sound advice, empathetic help, unconditional love and support to their friends and family members.

In fact, recent polling shows that the majority of Texans do not support this ban, and only 36% favor it.

Together, we stand for the majority of Texans and are stronger than a group of Texas lawmakers who are determined to take our freedoms and rights away. At Whole Woman’s Health Alliance, we cannot allow their actions to go unanswered. With your support, we will stop them from inflicting further harm on Texan families, neighbors and communities.

SB8 goes into effect on September 1st, so it is urgently important to act now. Any amount makes a big difference. Join our efforts to BLOCK this ban and donate now. Every dollar counts –  give as little as $8 or as much as $80!