WWHA’s Abortion Wayfinder Program

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has left many overwhelmed, scared, and confused. Without federal protections, access to safe abortion care now relies heavily on where a person lives. For roughly half of the states, securing an abortion is likely to become illegal.

Bans on abortion do nothing to prevent unplanned pregnancies. That’s why at Whole Woman’s Health Alliance, we will never turn our back on anyone who wants or needs safe, compassionate abortion care. In response to the tragic fall of Roe, our Abortion Wayfinder Program is taking on a national scale to help folks obtain abortions, no matter where they live.

When a patient calls the Wayfinder Program from a state where abortion is banned or heavily restricted, our staff can:

  • Schedule an in-clinic appointment at a WWH clinic in Maryland, Minnesota, or DC/Virginia.
  • Schedule a Virtual Care visit via telemedicine in Illinois, New Mexico, Virginia, Minnesota, or Maryland.
  • If needed, connect people with resources to help with the cost of care and travel.
If you need support from the Wayfinder Program, call us now at 877-808-1045.

We can’t do this work alone.

In our country, state lines should not determine access to abortion! But the attacks against a person’s right to bodily autonomy are not slowing down. Your support of the Wayfinder Program will ensure a trusted staff member is available to help callers navigate the barriers to care and get them the healthcare they deserve. A donation of any size is a statement of solidarity and support for everyone’s right to receive high-quality abortion care.

Ready to do more? 

We need your help to spread the word about this vital program. Post information about the program on your social media accounts using the graphics below, and invite others to do the same. Encourage your network to donate to Whole Woman’s Health Alliance and the Wayfinder Program to fight back against these attacks on a person’s right to basic healthcare. Together, we can ensure folks can access safe, compassionate abortion care no matter what state they call home.

Please share these graphics on your social media accounts and help us spread the message about this needed resource!