Texas is Just the Start…

Texas is the great state that gave the U.S. its most monumental legal protections for abortion care, from Roe v. Wade to Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt. Yet lawmakers continue to abuse their power by using Texas as a laboratory for strategies that diminish individual freedoms, prevent access to professional care, and eliminate abortion rights and access.

Senate Bill 8 is scheduled to take effect in 35 days, and it’s the most monstrous abortion ban our country has ever seen. Not only does it ban abortions as early as six weeks of pregnancy, but it leaves enforcement of the law to private citizens – even going so far as to reward them if they win lawsuits. Anyone anywhere can sue, from nosy neighbors and hateful protestors to abusive exes and intrusive family members. Texans will be pitted against each other, and the fabric of its communities will be torn apart. Our President & CEO breaks it down on CNN.

People across the U.S. had better take notice. If this law is allowed to stand in Texas, it won’t be long before some version of it shows up in your state. Your community members may soon be enforcing hateful laws on any contested social policy, such as immigration, LGBTQ+ rights, gun control, voting rights, and more.

We’re fighting to stop SB 8 before it decimates abortion rights in Texas and shows up anywhere else – and we need your help!

Whole Woman’s Health Alliance is leading the fights for Texan’s abortion rights in a major lawsuit challenging SB 8. As a nonprofit organization, our work is made possible by donors like you. Every little bit helps us advocate, educate, and take the stand against extreme abortion laws, including restrictions in Indiana.

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