Abortion Provider Appreciation Day

St. Paul City Council Officially Declares March 10 Abortion Provider Appreciation Day

ST. PAUL, MN [3/10/20] – St. Paul City Council Officially Declares March 10, 2020, Abortion Provider Appreciation Day.

“Whole Woman’s Health Alliance applauds the St. Paul City Council’s proclamation to recognize Abortion Provider Appreciation Day,” said Amy Hagstrom Miller, President and CEO.

As stakes to access remain high, and amidst federal and state attacks on abortion access, the St. Paul City Council celebrates the compassionate and dedicated work of local abortion care providers.

National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day first began in 1996 to honor the life of Dr. David Gunn, an abortion provider who was killed by an anti-abortion extremist on March 10, 1993. Since then, the day has grown to include a celebration of local providers who continue to provide compassionate, dedicated, and patient-centered care to their communities. 

This year, March 10 comes just days after abortion providers and their attorneys argued before the Supreme Court in June Medical Services v. Russo, a case that may have widespread implications for providers and abortion access in the United States. With this proclamation, the St. Paul City Council honors local abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, who has provided reproductive healthcare to Minnesotans for over 90 years.

“We are grateful to the City of Saint Paul for recognizing the dedicated work of abortion providers. In the face of these continued attacks on our work and our patients, and the significant barriers patients face when trying to access safe and legal abortions, we are proud to provide the care that everyone needs and deserves.” -Dr. Sarah Traxler M.D., Chief Medical Officer of Planned Parenthood North Central States.