Special Projects

South Bend Campaign

The road to opening Whole Woman’s Health of South Bend has been rife with obstacles including anti-choice aggression and political ploys. But we won’t let these challenges stand in the way of bringing the women of Indiana quality abortion care with the dignity and respect they deserve. Our South Bend Campaign aimed to combat the shame and stigma surrounding abortion, helping make South Bend a place where all women can thrive.

Join us in our effort to ensure the women of South Bend have access to compassionate, high-quality abortion care.

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WWHA Billboard

Mural Projects

With the support of Abortion Conversation Project and #ShoutYourAbortion, Shift. selected artists to design and paint murals at Whole Woman’s Health clinics in McAllen and Fort Worth that embody the values and messages critical to women’s empowerment and reproductive freedom. We specifically asked for designs containing the concepts of unity, peace, justice, diversity, gender equality and feminism.

Local Rio Grande Valley (RGV) artist designed and painted her mural in 2015 at Whole Woman’s Health of McAllen and (artist name onesevennine) designed and painted her mural at Whole Woman’s Health of Fort Worth in 2017. Both murals convey a welcoming and inviting feel – one that will comfort women who come to the clinic and remind them of love and acceptance. Similarly, we want to send the message to members of the community: “When you come here, bring only love.”

McAllen Mural

Clinic Blessings

In collaboration with our partners at and the Religious Institute and Texas Freedom Network, Shift. hosted a clinic blessing at Whole Woman’s Health of Fort Worth in November 2017. Local clergy, as well as clergy from Religious Institute, led a blessing of the clinic space, clinic staff, the patients we serve, and the work that we do. Media were also invited and the blessing was covered by local media outlets. By hosting a publicized clinic blessing, we reclaim the narrative around abortion and religion. Many of Whole Woman’s Health patients consider their spiritual beliefs when deciding to end a pregnancy and counselors on staff at the clinics are there to talk through those considerations with them during one-on-one counseling. Most people that have abortions are religious and most religious people support abortion rights. Clinic blessing helps tell that story.

Abortion 101 & 102

Abortion 101 and 102 programs educate pro-choice advocates and allies on the specifics of abortion care. This program provides participants with the information and technical knowledge needed to effectively advocate for abortion rights.