Resources on Abortion

Barriers to Accessing Abortion Care

Needing an abortion can mean having to navigate multiple barriers, including but not limited to:

  • High cost of abortion
  • Child care, travel and lodging costs
  • Missing work
  • Extended and unnecessary time away from family and loved ones

These barriers can be emotionally trying and very expensive, which is why we want to make the experience of accessing an abortion as seamless as possible.

History of RealTalk

In the wake of Texas clinic closures in 2013, we established the RealTalk Hotline, which provided medically accurate information about abortion, including supportive referrals  to physicians, health care organizations and support services. We also provided the following:

  • Information on state abortion laws in the Texas including how they may impact your healthcare decisions
  • Up to date information on open clinics and services provided
  • Answers to FAQs about abortion care.

Now that Texas clinics are reopening (click here to learn more about why clinics are opening again), we are transitioning RealTalk from a hotline to an online resource for all the communities where Whole Woman’s Health Clinics operate. Check back soon for information and resources for your communities in Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Texas, and Virginia

We are here for you.