Now Seeing Patients in Minnesota!

A message from Amy Hagstrom Miller, President and CEO of Whole Woman’s Health Alliance

Here at Whole Woman’s Health Alliance (WWHA), we are committed to ensuring EVERYONE has access to quality and compassionate abortion care. Our mission takes on even more urgency in the South and Midwest, where abortion restrictions are prevalent and access is fraught. We’ve been working hard behind-the-scenes to prepare for a potential post-Roe America and we have BIG news to share! WWHA has acquired Whole Woman’s Health of the Twin Cities and we are seeing our first patients today as Whole Woman’s Health of Minnesota, a non-profit 501(c)(3) clinic

A Brief History 

I came to Minnesota 10-years-ago to open Whole Woman’s Health of the Twin Cities by acquiring the Midwest Health Center for Women when the Executive Director and Board of Directors reached out to me with plans to either sell or close the clinic. Since that time, we’ve seen increasing hostility towards abortion rights in the Upper Midwest. Even in Minnesota, which is considered a North Star for abortion, there is still a mandated 24-hour waiting period and parental notification laws. That’s why WWH provides fabulous abortion care to Minnesotans and surrounding states. WWHA and WWH have been actively involved in the UnRestrict Minnesota coalition and Reproductive Health Alliance (RHA), doing our part to advocate for your rights. WWHA is excited to carry the legacy forward into the next generation with a non-profit model.

None of this is possible without the support of donors like you – will you help us?

Making Minnesota a Repro Haven State 

It is our mission to provide abortion care without shame or stigma and to affirm that abortion is a moral good in the communities we serve. With Roe v. Wade at risk in the U.S. Supreme Court, that work takes on even more urgency. As we await a ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, the landscape for abortion access is already dire in the Upper Midwest. Minnesota’s neighbors — North Dakota and South Dakota — have only one abortion clinic each. They also have “trigger laws,” which will ban abortion care if Roe is struck down. Wisconsin, Michigan, and Iowa lawmakers are also using their powers to pass as many restrictions on abortion care as they can. Texans are currently being denied safe abortion care because of Senate Bill 8. These folks can access direct flights to the MSP airport, and we can help them in Minnesota as bans and restrictions continue to proliferate with no end in sight. Our Minnesota clinic will serve as a safe haven for abortion care, and we will be working with abortion funds and allies all over the South and Midwest to help pregnant people migrate out of their state to get the abortion they need.

We need your help to make Minnesota’s Repro Haven State designation a reality. In these times when abortion rights, health, and justice are under attack, it will take every one of us. Please donate today so we can continue to build reproductive freedom for ALL Americans.