Support The Frontera Fund & South Texans For Reproductive Justice As They Fight For Lizelle Herrera

A message from Amy Hagstrom Miller, President and CEO of Whole Woman’s Health Alliance 

Whole Woman’s Health Alliance supports Lizelle Herrera and all Texans in need of abortion care. We stand with The Frontera Fund and South Texans for Reproductive Justice and ask that you join us to support these organizations as they take the lead to support Ms. Herrera and her family.   

No one should be criminalized for pregnancy outcomes. Self-managed abortion is not a crime in Texas, and neither is losing a pregnancy for any reason. Lizelle should have never been arrested and we applaud the organizations who helped get the charges rightfully dropped.  

Investigating or arresting someone who seeks help for emergencies during pregnancy is wrong, and it harms someone’s health, livelihood, and ability to care for their families.  

As states aggressively take away people’s access to abortion care, we hear desperation in patients’ voices when they are denied care. We know many of these people turn to self-managed abortions and we believe people should never be criminalized for taking care of themselves and their bodies.  

If the state of Texas wants to protect life, it should focus on ensuring that everyone can get the full spectrum of reproductive health care when they need it. 

Whole Woman’s Health Alliance asks all of you who wish to support Lizelle and her family to donate to the fund that has been created for her by the Frontera Fund and to also support the work of If/When/How and their legal defense fund. Everyone deserves abortion care with dignity and respect.