In Honor of Abortion Providers, Today & Every Day 

Have you heard?! Today is Abortion Provider Appreciation Day, a national holiday (in our hearts) where we celebrate the brave and compassionate heroes who provide this essential medical care.  

Whole Woman’s Health Alliance and Whole Woman’s Health abortion providers are the very definition of resilience, dignity, love, and justice. They show up day-after-day under constant watch, threat of harassment, and intimidation from anti-abortion extremists. Imagine starting your workday with protestors with graphic signs and aggressive language, threatening mail and emails, and sometimes even more serious and dangerous crimes like invasion, arson, and bombings. This underscores just how important it is to let abortion clinic staff know that they are supported. 

That’s why we celebrate them and we’re not the only ones. Congress just passed its first resolution to recognize March 10th as Abortion Provider Appreciation Day. In addition, Whole Woman’s Health Alliance worked with local governments in Alexandria, VA and Baltimore, MD to pass Abortion Provider Appreciation Day proclamations. We hope other elected officials will use their levers of power to carry out this act of love, honor, and liberation.  

We are in awe of the abortion providers who show up every single day to give people the healthcare they need. Help us thank them with a donation in their honor!