HUGE Victory in Indiana!

We are excited to share that a federal district court has permanently blocked several long-standing Indiana abortion restrictions in the comprehensive case WWHA v. Rokita. This is a huge victory for abortion rights just when Indiana and the entire country need it most!  

It’s been a long, hard-fought battle. We filed the case in 2019, and the ruling comes after two separate trials were held considering the constitutionality of these restrictions. 

What does this mean for Whole Woman’s Health of South Bend and patients? 

  • Qualified advance-practice clinicians can provide medication abortion care 
  • Second-trimester abortions can be provided outside of a hospital or ambulatory surgery center 
  • Fewer unnecessary physical plant requirements for clinics 
  • Fewer biased “counseling” laws that give patients misleading and false information 
  • Ability to use telemedicine to provide medication abortion care 
  • Patients no longer have to make multiple, medically unnecessary trips to a clinic 

Providing abortion care in Indiana has not been easy, and we are grateful to the courts for upholding the right to evidence-based abortion care by overturning these unjust and burdensome regulations so that Hoosiers can access the trusted and professional abortion care they deserve and have come to count on.  

This is just a start and there is still work to be done! A few restrictions were upheld in this case, but this decision paves the way for better access and acceptance of abortion throughout the state.  

We’ve recently fought back in other ways in Indiana, successfully blocking a measure that would have forced abortion providers to share false and misleading information with patients about “reversing” a medication abortion. In Texas, we are striking back against one of the most extreme abortion restrictions this country has ever seen. 

We’re proud to be a part of purposeful litigation so that the right to abortion stands in all the communities we serve – and we need your help

As a nonprofit organization, our work is made possible by donors like you. Every little bit helps us advocate, educate, and take the stand against extreme abortion laws. Stand with us as we work to continue providing patients with compassionate and quality abortion care without delay or political interference.