Hoosiers Face Too Many Barriers When They Need To Access Abortion

Hoosiers face too many barriers when they need to access abortion.  That’s why All-Options and Whole Woman’s Health Alliance joined together in 2018 to challenge a host of Indiana’s long-standing abortion restrictions on behalf of people seeking health care.  All-Options operates a pregnancy resource center in Bloomington and provides judgment-free support and resources to support people in all their experiences with pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption. Whole Woman’s Health Alliance is a nonprofit organization that works to strategically shift the stigma surrounding abortion care and operates a clinic in South Bend that provides holistic reproductive health care with compassion, respect and support.

In September 2019 Indiana asked a court to end the case in their favor without trial.  The court rejected this request, allowing the challenge to these abortion restrictions to proceed to trial. Previous reporting on this ruling was not clear, so we are writing to set the record straight. This victory is an important step in our case ensuring Hoosiers can access abortion services with the dignity and respect they deserve – without meddling from politicians

We look forward to our day in court and will continue to stand with Hoosiers to ensure they can get the abortion care they need.

Parker Dockray, Executive Director, All-Options

Amy Hagstrom Miller, President and CEO, Whole Woman’s Health Alliance