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7 states in 7 days – that’s how many U.S. states have banned abortion entirely since the Supreme Court ushered in a post-Roe world. That’s over 13 million Americans who no longer have the legal right to abortion in their home state. Nineteen other states are expected to ban abortion in the fallout of this decision, and 10 of those are coming very soon. The confusion, chaos, and devastation the Supreme Court has caused are just getting started.

That’s why we’ve been vocal in the media about the impact of abortion bans and what we’re doing to help every person we can. Our President & CEO Amy Hagstrom Miller spoke to Pod Save America this week about our clinic operations, Wayfinder Program, ongoing litigation, and more.

Her interview starts around the 59:45 mark, so make sure you tune in to hear how your trusted independent abortion provider is stepping up in this critical moment.

The impact of the Supreme Court’s decision will be felt for generations, but we’re not backing down. We will never stop fighting against anti-abortion laws – and offering care and support even to people in states hostile to their rights.

But none of this is possible without you. Abortion patients need you to join this fight right now – please donate to fuel our vital work.