Compassionate Care Patients Can Count On

The decisions people make about their pregnancies are deeply personal. That’s why we are so intentional about making our clinics a haven for support and compassionate care. Unbiased, individualized counseling is a hallmark of our care, and our staff are highly skilled in guiding people to the right decision for them, whether it be abortion, adoption, or parenthood.

Texas’ Senate Bill 8 (SB 8) has put incredible pressure on patients to make quick decisions about their futures. Many only have 24-hours after finding out they’re pregnant before they are ineligible for abortion care. All-options counselling has become even more paramount during this uncertain time and our staff are tailoring conversations to address each patient’s specific needs.

If patients decide to have an abortion, we want the care they receive inside our clinics to resemble what our organization is working towards – abortion care, free from stigmas and filled with love.

We want their entire experience (even the call to make an appointment!) to reflect the kindness, dignity, and respect they deserve. That’s why we wanted to share testimonials from real patients who have been positively impacted by WWH and WWHA. 

“Their staff will provide you with the information you need to make the right decision for you, including individual and family counseling services for pregnancy options. If you choose abortion, they provide compassionate care without judgment.” 

“The staff are incredibly kind, informative, and transparent. I felt completely taken care of and even more than that, cared for.” 

“I will forever be grateful for my experience here, and the kindness I received from all the lovely people who work at WWHA. THANK YOU for doing what you do and being so empathetic.”

“This place was absolutely amazing. They cater not only to your physical needs, but your emotional needs, as well as any concerns you may have.” 

“Finally, a place with people that genuinely care.” 

It’s because of supporters like you that we can continue to empower patients who come to us for care. Will you donate now to ensure patients can continue to count on WWHA clinics?