Breaking: Indiana Lawmakers Plan to Ban Abortion Next Week

Nearly one month ago, the Supreme Court put our abortion rights in the hands of state lawmakers. Today, Indiana’s Senate leaders announced their plans to introduce a total abortion ban during special session next week. The ban would give exceptions to rape, incest, and the life of pregnant person, giving the state the power to decide who is deserving of essential healthcare. With an anti-abortion Governor, Attorney General, and supermajority in both the House and Senate, this ban is expected to pass.

Indiana’s special session puts Hoosiers at-risk of losing their 7 abortion clinics in the state, including Whole Woman’s Health of South Bend. None of these clinics can stay open on exceptions alone, so access will be nonexistent. This comes at a time when our South Bend clinic is needed most. Since the fall of Roe, our call volume has doubled due to restrictions in other states, with appointment requests coming in from Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Texas, Kentucky, and more. For many, traveling for abortion care is not even an option.

Right now, Whole Woman’s Health of South Bend is flooded with calls from Hoosiers who are fearful that next week they may no longer be able to get the abortion they need.

Before our very eyes, America’s human rights and healthcare infrastructure are crumbling. Eleven states are currently banning or heavily restricting abortion care. Nine more states have total abortion bans taking effect soon, and the landscape is only going to get worse as the damage continues to compound.

That’s why we’re so grateful for your unwavering support. We need everyone to stand up and say that abortion is normal, abortion is healthcare, and abortion is needed.

Please make an emergency donation so our South Bend team can help as many Hoosiers and displaced patients as possible during this critical time.