Greetings from Virginia.

My name is Sean Mehl and I am the Associate Director of Clinical Services for Whole Woman’s Health.

Today we are celebrating a momentous occasion in the Commonwealth of Virginia with the passage of the Reproduction Health Protection Act.

The bill repeals burdensome abortion restrictions that were designed to make access to abortion care difficult, if not impossible for some to obtain.

Individuals seeking abortion care in Virginia will no longer be forced to undergo a 24-hour waiting period, mandated ultrasound, and biased counseling in order to seek the care they deserve.

The repeal of these harmful laws allows abortion providers, to offer personalized, quality, compassionate abortion care  free from medically unnecessary restrictions. Just two days after the June Medical Supreme Court victory ensuring continued access in the State of Louisiana, we Virginians are proud to celebrate once more and to build a brighter future of abortion care access.

The Reproductive Health Protection Act is a huge step forward, but it alone is not enough to ensure affordable access to care. We urge you to donate to your local abortion fund, and  Whole Woman’s Health Alliance so that we may continue to show up for Virginians, and all of those seeking to unapologetically exercise their right to abortion.

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