Abortion is STILL Legal in Texas

Abortion rights are under attack. Today, the Governor of Texas signed Senate Bill 8, a harmful and extreme measure that bans abortions as early as six weeks of pregnancy – before many even know they are pregnant. This hostile law also gives private citizens enforcing authority against anyone deemed to be “helping” a pregnant person access abortion care. It doesn’t stop there. Since January 2021, 69 abortion restrictions have been enacted across 14 U.S. states, including 9 abortion bans and a Mississippi case that will now be heard by the Supreme Court. We know that people who are struggling financially, people of color, rural folks, and young people will be hit hardest by these devastating laws. These extremist politicians are determined to legislate abortion out of existence, even though the majority of Texans – and the majority of Americans support abortion access.

Rest assured, our resolve to provide safe, compassionate abortion care is stronger than ever. Abortion is still legal in Texas and every other U.S state, and all Whole Woman’s Health clinics are still open. We will do everything in our power to protect your reproductive rights and prevent this law from taking effect in September. We firmly believe all people should be able to get an abortion when they need it, and that laws need to support each of us, and affirm a culture where our decisions are met with love and support.

It has become abundantly clear how fragile and limited access to abortion is, so now is the time to rise up. If you are outraged by these dangerous restrictions, you can protect abortion access with a donation to Whole Woman’s Health Alliance or a gift to the Stigma Relief Fund. Join us to fight back against this 6-week ban and to ensure that every person can access the safe abortion care they deserve. Every dollar helps – even as little as $15.

If you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, Whole Woman’s Health staff are here to care for you with open hearts and open arms, including at the new medication-only clinic that just opened in North Texas. You can call us anytime at 877-835-1090 or click here to book an appointment.