Shift is a project of Whole Woman’s Health Alliance that is working to strategically shift the stigma around abortion in our culture. Shift will educate and build community power to transform the political and cultural landscape around abortion and reproductive health. We are committed to fostering open and honest conversations, lifting up all communities, and advocating for reproductive freedom.

Our programs are strategically designed to address the shame and stigma attached to abortion, provide important resources, and support those who need abortion care through our abortion resources, public awareness campaigns, community collaboration, education, policy, and advocacy work. Shift’s dedication to this work is driven by years of experience in the world of high-quality service delivery and holistic abortion care.

Our Programs

Abortion 101 and Abortion 102

Our Abortion 101 and Abortion 102 programs educate pro-choice advocates and allies on the specifics of abortion care. Often paired with a clinic tour, this program is tailored to the needs of the audience and provides allies with the information and technical knowledge that they need to effectively advocate for abortion rights. These programs provide a safe space for us to discuss all the questions you’ve been hesitant to ask, as well as a space for progressive allies to have values-based discussions about abortion care or emerging threats to abortion access.

Clinic Tours

One of the ways we combat stigma is by maintaining an open-door policy, where we affirm the abortion clinic as a space of transparency, support, community, and high-quality medical care. We welcome progressive allies, members of the media, elected officials, student groups, and others into the clinic for tours, interviews, and/or Abortion 101 and Abortion 102 trainings.

See our Special Projects page for more of the work that we do.

If you’re interested in arranging an Abortion 101 or Clinic tour for your organization, please contact Courtney Chambers at